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Tony NGuyen - Creator of Events/Evenementiels Concepts in Martial Arts

A very noble sportsman who masters martial arts. Tony NGuyen is the inventor of several concepts like FREE STYLE SHOW© and STARFIELD OF LASER NUNCHAKER BRUCELI© 2003.

Well in its head, well in its legs, veiled a creative high level sportsman who develops choreographies of cascade-combat stunts and concepts event. Accessible, sympathetic nerve, patient: a charming man but I bet that you would not have imagined to rub you with him after having discovered the whole of his competences.

Hello TONY NGUYEN! Thank you to present to you in a few words.

My origins: Asia and France where the martial arts are regarded as dangerous and violent one. It is action on our screens! I am a sportsman and I practised the martial arts since a certain number of years before launching me in the cascade, the comedy, the circus and the spectacle. Recently I was an actor-acrobat and choreographer ruler of combat-cascades for films court-measurings and means-measurings, then sporting "coach entrainer" for the actresses and the actors (coaching with physical preparation related on the martial arts and choreographies combat-cascades). I am also an author of a new concept of martial arts FREE STYLE SHOW© 2000 (with laser nunchakus, laser bo, laser saï, fire nunchakus...) dedicated to the field of the animation and for the cinema of action, cinema of science-fiction fantastic (see the cinematographic references: SPIELBERG, GEORGE LUCAS, MANGA ANIMATION, "MATRIX" of JOEL SILVER and BROTHERS WACHOWSKI...) Nobody believed in it! I thus transformed this concept into animation. I am the author of my clean "one man show" under the name of STARFIELD OF LASER NUNCHAKER BRUCELI© 2003, a remake "come-back of BRUCE LEE in the future" with : LASER NUNCHAKUS luminous like "STAR WARS" like "SOULCALIBUR", LASER BO and other materials which I conceived. Lately, I am interested more in the Americano-Asian concepts as regards cinema of action and in the special effects. I have Co-writing a script (project in progress) and a pilot and I request the support of several author-scenario writers and realizers to carry out such a project, a turning unique in France and for the United States. Opinion with the scenario writers and realizers!

Which is your sporting course?

I started the martial arts in the street, by looking at Asian films of kung fu and the American series "B". I started in sports associations to produce me in competition then I continued as an autodidact. I thus decided to develop only solid knowledge which I had acquired in Karate, Kung Fu, Nunchaku, Jeet Kune Do, Kobudo, Acrobatics and Stunt-flyings by specializing me in the techniques of engagements with and without weapons. To supplement my performances, I followed courses of cascades, acrobatics and of comedy related to the sports of engagements with professional stuntmen, with capoeirists and the acrobats of circus while knowing the efforts and difficulties of realizing. Then by exploring all the possible grounds (on flexible surfaces, hard surfaces, height, table, chair, choreography with any object) I developed my own bases of engagements and the art of choreography. With final with the training courses, the drives and the competitions, my sporting course enabled me to obtain the titles and prize list of: Champion of Europe of nunchaku artistic 2000, finalist at the Great Price of Europe of nunchaku 2001, winner out of martial technical cut 2000, finalist out of Cut of France 2000, French Open etc.

Which is your current statute?

I am registered at the house of vacation of spectacles but I am not intermittent, even if I have make a course of combatant : I remain on my position and I believe in me so sometimes the destiny and the way are sown obstacles and cascades "to remain authentic and know that all the disciplines have a bond and call upon the same sensitivity to the taste and esthetics".

Explain we the concept of martial arts FREE STYLE SHOW© which you created in 2000?

FREE STYLE SHOW© is a concept which joins together all the body elements (fire, light, metal and crystal) and confuses the visual styles of martial arts combat and artistic in a single matter with the art of the circus, the cascade, acrobatics, choreography, the comedy and even the dance. They are new ideas of inventions and technical innovations of materials of martial arts, either traditional but magic (example: LASER BO, FIRE BO, LASER NUNCHAKUS, LASER SAI, FIRE NUNCHAKUS, LASER TRIBATONS ETC. It is an at the same time creative concept and which requires research enormously, of imagination and realization because the majority of these materials, I have almost to invent them and model them. It is a concept which can adapt to the plays videos, with the fantastic special effects and of science fiction, cinema and of all Manga but which brings also much to the fields of animation: animated clip video, clip of music animated, spectacles and evenementiel of the night. It is the discovery of new tendencies and environments. Perhaps this kind of concept, will touch it the festival of the martial arts, I do not know. In all the cases, I make move the art of combat and the artistic one towards the future and I include our next generation HIGH-TECH and our system of defense (laughter).

Currently, which drive do you follow weekly?

Before I involved myself much: 8 hours per days, morning and evening in all seasons (in snow, rain, wind, heat) outside, with the free air according to my form and my balance. With the wire of time, I evolved and I had precise objectives which do not enable me any more to follow this same rhythm of drive. But, I kept my resistance mental and physical and I succeeded in adapting me compared to the other activities and the castings sought according to my availabilities. Currently, I practise intensive drives 4 times per weeks between 4 and 6 hours minima (heating, stretchings, tractions, handlings bayonets, choreographies artistic, choreographies with performances determined for the martial arts, acrobatics, combat and cascades with falls, stunt-flyings) and to finish drives the night : 2 hours (performances for laser demonstration pyrotechnics with fire nunchakus (with fire), laser nunchakus, saï...).

You created a concept of animation "STARFIELD OF LASER NUNCHAKER BRUCELI©" in 2003. What's this?

It is not completely a concept but the final result of concept FREE STYLE SHOW©. It is an animated show which I created starting from the visual data, starting from the inventions, starting from my concept of martial arts, starting from 4 dimensions (time, the speed of the light, the force and the prospect) by adding a mythical characteristic to it that BRUCE LEE would have liked to explore and reveal. If it were still in life undoubtedly "Our Small Dragon" would be still projected in the futureI brought a final key and to pay homage to him, here my dedication: the return of BRUCE LEE in another galaxy of LASER?iles exit "STARFIELD OF LASER NUNCHAKER BRUCELI". (the FIELD OF STARS of BRUCELI AND ITS LASER NUNCHAKUS).

How did you come yourselves directed towards the world from the spectacle?

It is the field of animation, the event-driven ones, the shows televised like the strange emissions of records, the cabarets, the evenings, salt and festivals which directed me towards the world of the spectacle. Even if I make rather spectacular demonstrations in the discotheques and the previews as for the promotion of film "MATRIX", I like the world of the night and it is necessary to see our American and Japanese neighbors to understand that the field of animation exploded these last years.

Which were your references to the cinema?

The large films which directed me towards the cinema and of references are those of : BRUCE LEE and to return to its homage success film "KILL BILL" of QUENTIN TARANTINO choreography and adjustment of cascades and combat by WO-PING (choreographer of MATRIX - WARNER BROS.), JACKY CHAN (choreographer, actor in "' Combat of the Masters", "Against Attack"), JEAN-CLAUDE VANDAME ("Full Contact") then first films of JET LI ("Hero", "Tai Chi Master") and other famous fantastic science fiction films and like "ROYAL BATTLE" of TAKESHI KITANO, "VAMPIRE HUNTER", "SCREAM", "TOMB RAIDER" and finally "STAR WARS" of GEORGE LUCAS, the 5th ELEMENT of LUC BESSON and "SPIDERMAN" of SAM RAIMI. But the American series are references for the cinema of today the such series "the GREEN FRELON", "ALIAS", "DARK ANGEL", "the DROLES OF INJURIES like "CHARLIE 's ANGELS" and like fiction police series "TEXAS RANGERS", "SEX CRIME NEW YORK".

You are an artist and coach. Up to what point can you coacher yourself an artist?

 The word artist does not want to say large thing, it is above all to like what one does, being really impassioned and open being to make and bring its my talents.
It is that I feel. If an artist, an actress or an actor ask me of the coach entrainer, I bring my following sporting capacities to him: particular work coaching and home coaching for performances and to invigorate all muscules. For fitness and form moving: exercises of regular sports with meetings jogging, stretchings, meetings abdos, fitness natural, including meetings of choreographies artistic and combat with or without materials. Indeed the fact of understanding them, to manage the stress enables me to do my work well. On the other hand if I am on scene or a turning...

What could you advise with a young person who wishes to take your way?

I would advise to him to have always the feet on ground, to have a solid energy moral and physical, to be, really to be even impassioned to him and not to give up what one likes. It is the price to pay to borrow the same way which is intended to me. The motivation it is a complement. The determination and the creativity are jockers which can be useful for the remainder of the course. For those and those which are discouraged too quickly, I strongly disadvise this course of the combatant to them. Is better: "just do it! to wait anything", to make sport, to touch with all and not to waste time because the failures are sometimes very hard and painful and one often calls oneself in question.

Which works advise to him to be read for better guiding it?

More tonicity, it is more energy and it is better for the physical condition! To see the magazines of health fitness and working, to read the gestural books of practices: the art of the sports, for those which are impassioned martial arts not-danger for example: the tai chi chuan, the gymnastics, the stretching and for those which want to discover the beauty and the direction of the combat: the kung- fu. But for better knowing the world of the cinema and the world of the night, reading videos, press reviews "Previews" and "Cinelive" and magazines of night such as "Night-Life" and for better guiding you towards castings of the artistic trades: to see "the Guide of the trades" and "Mag of the Casting".

If our minister in charge of the sports asked you for council, that would you say to him?

If the Minister for the sports asked me for council, I would say to him as the sport is the balance of our health and it is essential for our life, our ecosystem as well for the young people for oldest.

Which are your projects?

I have 3 well determined and precise projects :
* My first consists starting from my concept of martial arts to apply it for the cinema and with my show touch a large audience in the field of EVENEMENTIEL, events animations.
* My second, project, it is canto be able to transpose my script scenario, with final to turn what one never could give to the screen, films of actions of "American and Asian quality" with new codes, to take a great step in the cinema of tomorrow.
* My third, it is to create other innovating concepts of broadcasts television for FRANCE as for the UNITED STATES, to make a good score with the CINEMA and TELEVISION. I wish to change our current image of the French cinema because one can arrive at the same level as American and the Asian ones! cinema of HOLYWOOD, cinema of HONG KONG and why not cinema of CANNES-PARIS with the large platforms, studios and decorations of turning for union AMERICA-EUROPE and the other continents.

Thank you with you Tony. Remarks collected by Mara on March 04, 2004
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